Fashion trends are always in change, therefore it is quite difficult to select which is appropriate for you.

The most important is to know your exact body shape, as it defines mostly which are the fits and cuts you may choose and the ones you better avoid, and to find the right balance with the different clothes in order to create the ‘most ideal’ combination that elongates your body and brings it as close as possible to the ‘hourglass’ proportion.

We work with five main bodytypes at EW:



    To be able to define your bodytype you need to measure your body height, breast, waist and hip. But it is also important to define your shoulder as this must be compared to your hips. The best way is to choose a monochrome, bodycon outfit and look into a big mirror. Put contrasting ribbons around your waist and hip to see easily in the mirror the proportions of your body.

    If you are a Hourglass 

    your bodyshape is proportionate, the hip and the bust are nearly the same size and the waist is tight.

    If your are a Pear

    your hip is wider than the bust and the upper part of your body is slimmer and the lower part is more curvy.

    If you are an Apple

    your upper part, breasts are bigger,  slimmer legs and hips, not so curvy in the lower part of the body, but with no classical waistline.

    If you are a Sporty

    you have a rectangular shape, usually a nice shoulders and slim arms, no significant difference between shoulder, waist and hips.

    If you are a Strawberry

    like an inverted triangle, means that you have wider shoulders and a slimmer hip but not much waistline.




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