Enemy in the Wardrobe is a premium upper-clothes collection of redesigned iconic basics for women with a unique and exclusive feature of customization. We are clear supporter of the #slowfashion category: buy less, choose quality

Enemy in the Wardrobe is the expert of demanding, active and self-confident women who look for comfortable, practical, stylish yet customizable pieces in order to guarantee a perfect outfit without any compromises from the morning to the night.

The brand name was inspired by a true insight: a desire to clean out everything from the wardrobe which is not good enough for those who wants to feel in a couple of minutes perfectly fitted and styled every day in their clothes. If we fill up our wardrobe with these perfectly fitted basics all others clothes are just enemies. Enemies as they do not perfectly fit or emphasise our strengths or we cannot rely on them at any occasion.

We are educate about capsule wardrobe, as a conscious fashion behaviour is key for our futire and the planed we live.


Therefore Enemy in the Wardrobe brand was created to offer an excellent choice for women to fill up their wardrobe with those reliable and stylish pieces on which they can count on any day, any occasion.

The collection currently contains classical pieces, like dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, jackets, blazers and accessories all designed in a contemporary way.

We went further with the idea of the Capsule Wardrobe, as we do not only create the basic pieces of your closet but we propose a special system to personalize your look along with the dresses in order to create endless combination of outfits.

moods system

With the Moods selection you can change your look day after day even if you wear the same basic items.

The Mood Bracelets, the Mood Belts and Bags can be worn separately as well but will give an additional customized touch to your outfit combined in colours and numbers of your choice.

Thanks to this special EW snap system used for all accessories, these elements can be combined and fixed together in endless ways.

Enemy in the Wardrobe is designed and made in Europe.

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