Designing a well-functioning capsule wardrobe

Once we know what kind of wardrobe we need according to our lifestyle and physique, and we’ve also clarified the colors before we start assembling our basic capsule wardrobe, we need to know what’s already in our closet. After all, it is an important part of conscious thinking that what we have already bought and, in addition, meets all pre-thought-out and controlled parameters, is kept and carried.

Then it's worth taking a look at our wardrobe.

Once we have photographed our closet, take out all the clothes, take them off the hangers, check them again one by one, thoroughly, and even try them on if necessary. We have to sort through the clothes according to a lot of aspects (e.g. condition, seasons, comfort) to figure out what needs to stay and be part of our wardrobe.

You will find plenty of tricks for wardrobe arrangement in our Capsule Wardrobe E-book. Such as the worksheet below:



The capsule wardrobe concept

We have reached the most exciting step. We already know everything we need to sort our basics and make the capsule wardrobe. A well-functioning capsule wardrobe is a force to be reckoned with when we make our daily lives easier, we are much more conscious, we don’t take anything unnecessarily, and we know exactly what we need.

The basics of our wardrobe are the ones we wear and use almost every season. We choose these most often, we use their parts in almost every outfit. So a set of garments and accessories that are not seasonal, are often worn, match our shape, color type, and are more of a neutral or base color.

These are the basics of every capsule wardrobe, which we always supplement according to the given season.usually great classics in this basic selection, but this can vary depending on our personality and style. This will make our basic capsule wardrobe the perfect selection of clothes that you can rely on every time and in any situation.



If you have a well-designed capsule closet, that’s nice and good, but it’s often hard to maintain in the gray routine.

It’s good to know how to add a new piece of clothing to an already well-functioning system:

How to add a new piece of clothing to the capsule wardrobe?

If you have reached the last step and already have the final capsule wardrobe, the following question is obvious: How to proceed? How can I add any new garment to a well-built system?

Is the perfect capsule wardrobe ready so I can't buy new clothes anymore? Regardless of how you design your wardrobe, you can still buy new pieces, but keep in mind the following "rules":

  1. Does it fit my body and does it fit me in color?
  2. Is it qualitatively in line with the concept of the capsule locker room?
  3. How many outfits can I create using the new garment?
  4. Is it easy to care for a garment at home with a normal, low-temperature wash?
  5. How many seasons can I use it? Can it only be used in summer or all year round?
  6. Do I have a similar piece of clothing (in color, tailoring) that I already use for the sets I’m designing new for?

Sounds good? Then get our Capsule Wardrobe E-book with lots and lots of useful advice!

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