1. Define your body shape. Some cuts of clothing are more flatte- ring than others, based on your body shape (defined based on body height, shoulder, breast, waist and hip sizes). If the items of clothing chosen are flattering, the wearer is more likely to want to keep them in their wardrobe.

2. Choose a colour scheme. Based on your skin tone, undertones and natural colours, you have to make a decision on the basic colour of the Capsule Wardrobe, which is an important decision. All the items in the CW should be based on this scheme, so the items can fit and complete each other.

3. Define your needs according to your lifestyle. If you have a dress code to consider at your workplace, that is already a set of pieces. Add your family life and hobbies, those will define the additional items to choose. Therefore some people need two different set of clothes to which you can add some other conditions, such as the weather, sea- sonality etc. That is why we always underline that there is no ‘one’ rule to set a Capsule Wardrobe.

4. Choose classic shapes and patterns. While some cuts and patterns of clothing go in and out of fashion, others are considered ‘classic’ because they do not go out of date. It is wise to choose classic pieces for a Capsule Wardrobe, as the wearer intends to keep them for a number of years.

5. Choose items made of high-quality fabrics. As the idea of a Cap- sule Wardrobe is to own a few items of clothing that can be worn dif- ferent ways, individual pieces get lots of wear. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose clothing that is well made and continues to look good despite wear.

 capsule wardrobe example with classic basics

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