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What is your body shape?

Creating the perfect wardrobe also means being aware of your body. A certain style or cut may not be suitable for everyone. Apart from height and clothing size, our body shape/figure is equally important.d a megfelelő egyensúlyt a különböző ruhák között, a „legideálisabb” kombináció megalkotása érdekében, ami megnyújtja alakodat, és a lehető legközelebb hoz a homokóra arányához.

We work with the following 5 body shapes

Hourglass, Pear, Apple, Strawberry, Sporty

Your unique shape is defined by your skeletal frame, in other words, it’s made up of what you’ve inherited and what has been created genetically. Weight obviously matters, but at the end of the day, you gain or lose weight within the same body structure – in fact, weight differences also tend to be reflected in your significant body regions. So in addition to understanding the activities typical of your lifestyle, it’s important to know your body shape to be able to select those clothes and accessories best suited for it.

Apple body shape

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The upper body is significantly wider, the bust width is broader, in general there is no distinct waistline, and the arms and legs tend be thinner.

Strawberry body shape

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Looks like an upside down triangle: the upper body is distinctly wider, including broader shoulders and stronger arms.

Pear body shape

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The upper body is smaller than the lower body, but a pear body shape also has a distinct, usually slim waist. This shape looks like a triangle.

Sporty body shape

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A prominent shoulder is one of the key features of this body shape, with a thinner waist and no distinct waistline. The body shape is rectangular, column-like, long, and a bit masculine.

Hourglass body shape

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The ideal figure, as the name itself suggests – it’s a harmonious body shape defined by a distinct waistline, and in which the upper and lower body measurements are similar. 

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