Capsule Wardrobe e-Book

A handbook for designing a conscious wardrobe

The e-Book is about…

  • What exactly does a capsule wardrobe mean?
  • Capsule Wardrobe - Where does the concept come from and why is it really important these days?
  • Wardrobe Problems: What Should I Wear?
  • How does a working capsule wardrobe look like?
  • General information about the capsule wardrobe, details of the concept
  • Capsule wardrobe step by step
  • How can you combine the basic pieces? 68 sets of ideas!

What can the Capsule Wardrobe help with?

The question arose in you, how could you make your wardrobe much more transparent?

Want to casually throw together a set every morning?

Your wardrobe is full of clothes, but you still often feel like you have nothing to wear?

Are there any pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that have only been standing there for years and you’ve never worn them?
You liked them at first, but wouldn't you pick them up now?

Have you run out of ideas for good? Not sure how to combine your clothes or how to wear a piece differently?

Do you feel nothing is the right combination? And if you put together a set, do you feel it's not really you?

Are you bothered to buy unnecessary clothes that end up in the trash sooner or later?

Do you want to be more aware of how to dress at last?

Dressso that the problems listed above are no longer a problem!

How can you achieve this?

By creating a well-functioning capsule wardrobe, you can carefreely choose your set for that day.

It’s all nice and good... but what is the capsule wardrobe? You may have heard that term before, but you don’t know what it really means!

The capsule wardrobe is actually a wardrobe that you put together based on your lifestyle and contains only well-combined, versatile, high-quality garments and accessories. Because of their timeless style, they don’t go out of fashion anytime soon, so they form a solid foundation for your wardrobe.

It is up to you how many items the capsule wardrobe should contain. But even so, it’s not easy to determine how many and what pieces we need.

We are now helping you with this, with our latest Capsule Wardrobe e-Book.

With this wardrobe arrangement manual, it will no longer be a problem to design the right wardrobe.

No matter what body shape you have and how old you are, stylish dressing is possible in EVERY way! Come and learn the basics!

But what can you expect?
Look into the e-Book now!

All you have to do is ...
1. Add the e-Book to your shopping cart.
2. Pay.
3. And you can read it. :)


What do you gain with an e-Book?

Based on your body shape and lifestyle, you will know exactly what fits you and what you should wear.

Dressing will be quick and easy, you don’t have to think much about what you’re wearing today.

Your capsule wardrobe will contain pieces that match each other in both color and style.

You won’t spend unnecessarily on a single purchase, as you’ll only buy items of clothing and accessories that you really need.

You don't fall for discounts! You will already be consciously following the new trends, and the choice will be the right one.

You will have a wardrobe full of harmonious, timeless pieces.

You will also find 68 compiled set suggestions that will immediately help with the ‘What should I wear?’ Problem.

You can read it anytime and anywhere, either before going to bed or on the way to work. It provides extremely useful knowledge, which is confirmed by our customers:
“The e-Book is great, I love it! I’ve learned a lot of new things from it, and I’m going to use them to design my wardrobe as well. Thanks!" “There’s just a lot of clothes in my closet, so I decided to buy more consciously from now on. The e-Book has been very helpful in this as it provides a myriad of good advice. I didn’t even think how many ways a piece of clothing could be worn so that it would give me a completely different look. I recommend this informative e-Book to everyone. :) ” “It’s an interesting little read. It provides plenty of sets to always have something to wear without spending hours trying. I absolutely recommend it to those who often don’t even know what to wear. 5 *. ”

EW Essential Wardrobe

Let us introduce ourselves: we are Erika Somfalvi and Tina Varga, and we founded the EW Essential Wardrobe brand. The philosophy of the brand is based on the importance of the basic pieces and the variability that reflects each of our collections. The idea was born that we were once satisfied with the time-consuming preparation of the mornings, which was mostly due to the uncertain choice of clothes.

Then came the idea: to create a capsule closet. Our goal is to create garments and accessories that ensure a stress-free morning. Each piece in our collection represents the Slow fashion trend, meaning our brand strives for sustainability. This is about more than just eco-friendly materials, as it is also very important to have ethical production conditions, the right pay, the length of the supply chain, the way and time of delivery, the packaging and the life cycle of the product you buy.

At EW Essential Wardrobe, we have it all!


Think about it: how much money you save by buying only the right pieces! By getting to know the capsule wardrobe concept, you will definitely do well.

Now, in addition, we have hidden COUPONS and SURPRISE DISCOUNTS in the e-Book!

Would you like to get involved in creating your own capsule wardrobe? Then don't hesitate, order our e-Book and make it fun to dress!

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