If you are a sporty shape you must decide what to emphasize. You can easily wear oversize dresses that will look fantastic on you. You can do it on the top (oversize top or shirt) or on the bottom (pants with wide leg), but never both.

Generally this bodyshape has a nice shoulders and arms that worth showing, therefore sleeveless pieces are good choices.

  • When it comes to neckline, depending on the size of your bust, the boat neck and the small round neck cuts are the best for this shape.

  • Regarding jackets and coats, this bodyshape is the ideal to combine different layers in order to add volume to the different parts of the body. You can wear slim fit jacket or an oversize coat, but try to form a shape that will keep you feminine meanwhile.

  • For the dresses you can wear anything from square shape to skater dress, just decide what you want to put in focus.

  • You can best wear cigarette pants with nice classical shirt or floppy top, long jacket and coat.

  •  Large scarves around your neck and bags are also good choices.

  • When it comes to pants, nearly everything is possible. You can emphasise your shape with stretch and skinny leggings or pants, or go for trendy wide shapes... just be careful with your height.

The Sporty bodytype collection (45)

The Rome Top - elbow length sleeve


The Rome Top - sleeveless


The Ibiza top - double sided


The Torino Blazer


The Oslo Legging


The Bolzano Pants


The Luxembourg Dress - boat neckline, elbow length sleeve


The Vienna Skirt


The EW T-shirt

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