• Draw the attention to the upper part of your body! Statement accessories or tops are your friends, you can emphasise your neck or your waist.
  • The hip is wider than the bust and the upper part of your body is slimmer and the lower part is more curvy.

  • Generally this bodyshape type has a narrow shoulder.

  • Different neck shapes can be flattering, boat or V or even turtleneck if you have a longer neck.

  • A-line dress is your ideal choice for dresses, you will look really feminine in it.

  • Higher waist pants are better choice, definitelly avoid men cut.

  • Emphasize your waist with belts and try to choose shorter and fitted jackets.

  • Use brighter colours on the upper part, tops, jewelleries or scarves and darker colours for the lower part.

The Pear bodytype collection (30)

The Rome Top - elbow length sleeve


The Rome Top - sleeveless


The Ibiza top - double sided


The Torino Blazer


The Bolzano Pants


The Luxembourg Dress - boat neckline, elbow length sleeve


The Oslo Legging


The EW T-shirt


The Siena shirtdress

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