The pencil skirt has a number of body-shaping benefits, including slimming the waist and optically stretching the shape on a longer shape.

          For this reason, a real grand prize for short, short-legged women is such a skirt. It also emphasizes the body's shape, especially the buttocks, and is very comfortable to wear.
          It first appeared in the style in the early 20th century, where it became and remained popular among women elsewhere than among the flight attendants, and then under the influence of the famous Dior and Balenciaga fashion houses.

          We have been mentioned among the basic pieces ever since, as it became a trademark of iconic stars during the last century, but is still popular among celebrities and royal families today, as it fits in well with protocol events due to its solid style.

          A pencil skirt is a narrow-shaped, knee-length skirt with a straight line or a narrowing towards the bottom.

          Among the EW's basic pieces, the Vienna and Münich skirts also fall into this category, of which Vienna is made of a very elastic material that better emphasizes the shapes, the Münich skirt with a slightly less body-fitting but elastic material with pockets and waist.

          Both styles are available in up to 46 sizes, and are preferred for hourglass, sporty, strawberry and even apple physiques.

          Pencil skirts (2)

          The Vienna Skirt


          The Münich Skirt

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