How to Create Your Personal Style?

by EW Group on August 25, 2018

There’s so much pressure these days to not only be successful in your professional life while balancing your personal life and activities, you need to look the part, too. Many people believe that style is the same thing as fashion and get caught up in the endless cycle of shopping that fast fashion dictates, but we’ve got news: it’s not.

While fashion is global, constantly changing and sometimes hard to follow, style is eternal, and absolutely unique. There’s no strict definition of personal style, but there are some revealing features:


Brings out the best in you

Style is like your magic wand. When it’s right, it brings out the best in you on every occasion. Your personal style highlights your most appealing features and minimizes your lest flattering ones.


Speaks volumes about you

Your personal style reveals who you are even before you introduce yourself or say anything.. It reveals whether you’re more of a casual or formal type of person. Colours can reveal whether you’re more playful or classic, outgoing or more reserved. A lack of accessories says you’re a minimalist, whereas bright jewelry can help your exuberant personality shine through.


Makes you feel confident

You know you’ve found your personal, unique style when each piece of clothing that you wear makes you feel confident and like ‘you’. If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, chances are they’re not your style.  


Is comfortable to wear

Fashion is not always comfortable. However, if a dress doesn’t fit and you have to keep pulling at it, if your shoes are too small, you have an itchy feeling or if you have to keep pulling your shirt down to cover your stomach, you’re not wearing clothes that are in synch with your style. Make sure the materials you wear are comfortable, feel good against your skin and that the cut is flattering for your body shape.


To discover your personal style, you may have to do a bit of research and try on different outfits. You can always get help from others or consult with a professional stylist.

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