Habits and Strategies of the World’s Most Successful Female Leaders

by EW Group on July 21, 2018

‘The future is female’ according to a famous saying. It’s a bit ironic in a world where women are still fighting for rights and acceptance. But women are also becoming more powerful and visible, and this is changing our lives in many ways.

We can learn a lot from powerful female leaders, and here we discuss some of the habits and strategies of influential women that help them stay on top.


Appearance, for better or for worse, is important. We often hear the words “Dress the part’. In a professional environment, it’s vital to always look smart, feminine and self-confident. Choose clothes that accentuate your best features, and remember that you can never go wrong with a black dress, a navy skirt or a crisp, white blouse.

How you start your morning is crucial to feeling confident the whole day. Have a positive mindset, don’t rush and try to do a bit of exercise or meditation before you get ready. Eat a nutritious breakfast. Consider your morning routine as your gift to yourself, and give yourself some me-time.

Believe in karma because it always works. Be kind and helpful towards others, whether it’s your family members, your co-workers or your local grocer. You’ll see how much better you feel.


Be active, not just physically, but mentally, too. Make the first step. Approach new people with confidence, be open and curious. Relationships are something we cannot live without in our personal and professional lives. If you have a great idea, act upon it, you have nothing to lose.


Listen and speak up. Say what’s on your mind, but be open to what others are saying. You’ll discover how much more people appreciate you, and you’ll also learn a lot from the experience.

Always be true to yourself, and never try to be anyone else because it’s impossible and comparing yourself to others will only create unnecessary stress. Being insecure sometimes is normal, so it’s a question of how you handle it. Look at others as a source of inspiration rather than a source of envy.

Be flexible and adaptive. Make plans for the future, but leave space for the unpredictable. If you’re open to change and can learn to let go, you’ll find you have less anxiety in your life and can discover completely new paths.

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