Dress to your mood: Colours and their meanings

by EW Group on February 03, 2018

It’s a well-known fact that the colours you wear can influence your behaviour and mood. They can also reveal a lot about you. Here are a few tips about wearing some of the key colours.


  1. Black

Black is one of the most popular colours when it comes to clothing and has many different meanings depending on the style of clothes you wear and the occasion. It’s the colour worn at funerals and can communicate distance and mourning, but it can also stand for power and determination. Black can be elegant for evenings out, and it’s the perfect colour for dresses with black heels or a black trench coat. To avoid going overboard, combine your black outfits with colourful accessories or add a touch of white for contrast.

  1. White

It’s the opposite of black and communicates openness, light and sensitivity. Brides wear white to exude innocence and purity on their wedding day. But white is not only for weddings and can be worn for many other occasions. A stylish white dress, a crisp white blouse or a white jacket can help to highlight and make any outfit classy. It’s also a colour that stands out.

  1. Blue

Blue is another favourite and comes in many shades with a variety of meanings. It can communicate freshness and clarity and reminds us of water. Navy blue is a great alternative to black and exudes professionalism, trustworthiness and determination. It can easily be with other colours, including camel brown, white and black. A navy blue dress and brown court shoes are perfect for meetings.

  1. Red

Red is undeniably the colour of love and passion. It attracts attention and makes a strong statement for clothing. Pick this colour if you want to create a truly feminine look and exude confidence. Be careful not to go overboard with red colours, however, as it can appear aggressive. Red goes perfectly with black or white to create a strong fashion statement.

  1. Green

Green is becoming an increasingly popular colour that’s appearing on runways every season. In 2017, Pantone chose leaf green as the colour of the year, and it’s been a sought-after shade ever since. If you like green but are not a fan of bold statement shades, go for emerald or forest green. Forest green represents nature and is fresh and stylish. Green looks best when combined with other earth colours, such as brown and grey.

Whatever your preference in colours, remember, they can impact your mood and the way others perceive you, so you can play with the colours you wear.

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