Desk Till Dawn: The Perfect Outfits for Your Daily Routine

by EW Group on December 17, 2017

In this fast-paced world we live in, looking impeccable all the time can be challenging. Whether it’s taking the kids to school, going to an important meeting, shopping or having dinner with friends, life often seems to be one great balancing act. We feel we’re constantly on the go and barely have time to get ready for our next activity or appointment. Changing outfits three or four times a day is simply out of the question.

So how can we manage? The key here is variety, or the art of dressing up and dressing down. This can only work with clothes that are comfortable, stylish and versatile enough to go with either high heels or trainers. Here are some tips to help you find the right ourfits from desk till dawn.


1. Pick outfits that are suitable for the weather

This goes without saying. On hot summer days, pick light colours and wear short sleeves and loose cuts. On chilly autumn mornings, opt for thicker materials and combine them with a jacket or cardigan.

2. Dress for your main activity of the day

Choose an outfit that’s suitable for the environment you’ll be spending most of your day in. If it’s the office, wear a classy LBD or a black skirt with a crisp shirt. If you’re working in a school or travelling, wear more comfortable clothes with trainers. If you’re working remotely, you can wear a comfortable pair of trainers and top.

3. Add a touch of style

Whatever you’re doing, it’s important to feel good about what you’re wearing, so add a touch of style. Wear a colourful belt to complement a monochrome outfit or metallic accessories to highlight it.


4. Have variations at hand

If you’re meeting friends after work for dinner or drinks, change your heels to sneakers or put on your favourite dress with a pair of comfortable flats or ballerina shoes. When your day consists of more than just one main activity, it’s important to keep some variations of clothing and shoes at hand for. EW is committed to providing a diverse collection of clothes that can be lifesavers for every busy woman out there!

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