How can we save on our wardrobe?

by Beauty Marketing on December 19, 2022

Let’s face it, despite our financial status, nowadays we do think about how can we save on certain things and we do check the prices more and more.

We share some useful tips on what should you need to look out for, when it comes to your wardrabe.


  1. „Don’t go shopping when you are hungry” – we all heard this saying. If we shop for clothes it’s just the same – only enter a fashion store if you really need and item, if you can’t use your existing pieces any more. Try to avoid impulse shopping and major sales – or only look for the items you already had an eye on earlier.


  1. Repair or get your ruined clothes or shoes repaired! If they are in an overall good condition, but only some stichtes opened or you need to change a zip, or your heels broke, it really worth. Especially, if it’s one of your favourites. Yes, sometimes it’s not easy to find the right expert for the job but if the repair is reasonably priced than it’s definitely worth than buying a new one. Not to mention that if we learned as a kids some basic repair skills from our granny or at school we could even do it ourselves.


  1. This might seem like a weird tip, but saving experts sware for this: go shopping with cash only. If you pay by card you loose control of your spendings much easier, since it’s just a touch with your card or watch and you already have the dress, the top – you do not feel that you paid actually, that you have less money. If you take cash, it’s obvious that you’ll have less in your purse. It’s more easy to say no to further spendings. And obviously it not only works when you shop for clothes.


  1. Organize clothes-swap parties with your friends. Some people are not a fan of used clothes, but when it’s your friends clothes it might be different. Have a party, have fun, try lot’s of clothes and swap around. You might only need some coctails and food to top the atmosphere.


  1. Quality, quality, quality. That’s what might seem more expensive on the short term, not saving, but if we pick a quality piece carefully, which will serve us for years or even decades than we talk about a return on investment. For a party dress or ones that you only wear one or two times, you should not be spending a lot, rather for basic pieces, essentials that won’t go out of style.


  1. Talking about basic pieces. We – as believers in capsule wardrobe – said it many times that choosing essentials always worth it, since they are so versatile, you can wear them in endless outfits. A pencil skirt, a little black dress, a classic blaser, a simple shirt you can combine so many ways with accessories and other pieces. This means that you actually need much less clothes – and maybe spend more on accessories, but overall you’ll definitely spend less.


  1. Take much better care for your clothes, so you can keep them longer. Especially that there is less annoying thing that can happen when you ruin one of your favourite clothes. When you set the washing machine to the wrong programme or the wrong temperature when ironing, or maybe using a bad choice of detergent.


  1. We cannot leave out the sales. Since we are human, we won’t be able to avoid them for sure, but we can use the consciously. If you have a favourite, reliable shop that sells quality clothes, it does worth to watch out for their sales, in case an item you already had an eye for a long time might end up in their sales. You should think about your proposed checklist: does it fit your lifestyle, your body type, is it the right quality, can you put together many outfits with it and will you be able to wear it for at least 3 years. If you can tick all the boxes and its on sale, then no reason to say no. 😊

+1   You have probably heard of the new challenge of „not buying new clothes for a year”. It’s very honourable and we support it fully. If you feel the strength in yourself, be prepared and go for it! If you already use a well assembled capsule wardrobe, than you won’t have any issues for sure. You can try with a shorter period at first too, 1-2-3 month as a start.

Your purse will thank you for sure!



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