Fall wardrobe in 6 steps

by Beauty Marketing on November 03, 2022

It’s never easy to switch to a new season’s wardrobe, especially when the weather seems to play with us - from morning cold to daytime 20 degrees. We have to be prepared – sometimes we could wear a summer dress in the afternoon, but we would reach for the winter coat in the morning.  

The key word is layering, so we can drop off or take on additional layers according to the temparture. Accessories can help a lot too – a scarf or a hat can go up or down when the weather changes.

Let’s see then, which autumn pieces should you should extend your wardrobe with – classics that you don’t have to change every year – especially if you choose wisely and consciously of course.

A trench, loose knits, jackets, blasers? All could complete perfectly, even our summer pieces for autumn.

The trench

Either you choose a classic beige or a bold black leather, the trench is always a reliable choice.

A cool knit cardigan

A soft, quality cardigan is an autumn essential in your wardrobe. Could be neutral, which is great with darker clothes, but this autumn you can play around and experiment with fashionable striped or color block ones too.

A great boot

Either you are a knee-high riding boot or an ankle boot fan, a new piece will help you forget how great it was to wear your flip-flops not so long ago.



A well chosen skirt

Here you have so many options. You can choose a classic piece, like the pencil skirt with a less usual pattern, like stripes or a wider skirt but in an eye-cathing, bold colour. Skirts can be versatile - depending on the weather - wearing with stockings and balerinas and later on with riding boots.  


The perfect white sirt

As you know well, the white shirt is a jolly joker, a great piece to layer with and goes with any occasion from casual jeans outfit to office look or a special event.  It’s the easiest to tune it up for example with animal pattern shoes.


The comfortable blaser

At EW, we talked about this one a lot since its an essential for autumn layering. This year the oversize, male style is a trend, however if you want to stick to a more feminine style you should choose a comfortable, flexible fabric one.


Scarfs, scarfs, scarfs

There are so many different styles of them and they can serve us so well at autumn or winter time. Its easy to carry one with us in our bags, just in case the weather turns colder during the day. On our neck or as a substitute for cardigan with a belt the possibilities are endless.


And when we finally get used to the ever changing weather – and match our wardrobe, its likely that the winter is knocking and we can start re-planning. However let’s admit it, its always some fun to find new pieces for the coming seasons or even just getting out our old ones from last year.


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