2023 Trends

by Beauty Marketing on January 19, 2023

2023 Trends

As you probably know already, capsule wadrobe is not about trends, as we work with classic, timeless styles, but of course we are eager to keep up with what is happening in the fashion world, since when putting together an outfit, it’s still important to know the latest trends.

Let’s see then what are the new directions in fashion this year, that we could build into our wardrobe, completing our basic pieces – if these fit our colour or style system.


Cobalt Blue

This amazing blue shade can change our look to become fresh and dominant. Easy to build it into more elegant outfits, and it can be well combined with other neutral colours like white, black, grey, denim or beige. If stronger colours fit you, you can pair it well with pink, green, orange shades too. If its not really your colour, you can try for accessories: bags, bracelets, shoes in cobalt blue can make an overall elegant and stylish look.





Cargo style comes and goes over the decades, but this year it is slightly different. Not only we will see it in camel and khaki colours in loose and hip styles, but also in elegant outfits – of course it only depends on the actual style and use of fabrics.

Originally it was long pants with side pockets in khaki, but over the years also shorts appeared in cargo. It’s also available with big pockets in blazers and jackets, that will now enter not only the runways but also the fashion stores.

The trend puts the classic cargo pocket in focus, so not only the classic side pocketed trousers are in, but the pocket appears also on more classical garments too. And we will definitely see any colour not just camel or khaki.

We need to look out though, since cargo is not necessarily good for any body shape, since the pockets can make us wider. If we have a fear of this, we can opt for the jackets, or a softer version: a shirt dress, a blouse or shorts.




It´s a 2023 novelty that glitter and metal colours will enter our everydays, not only belong to events, parties any more. We can choose from slightly shiny colours to dominant coloured metal pieces that we can combine will with essentials: like a silver metal trouser with a white shirt or a glittery gold top with a black pencil skirt. 

Obviously we might have noticed that glittering can make us look bigger, so we need to be careful!

If we are shy with this trend, we can go again for the accessories: play around with bags, shoes or belts.





Biker – let it be vegan leather or real – is a big comeback and these days vegan leather is also a cool option if it´s premium quality. Biker jackets are available in endless style and colour, and you can easily make a classic outfit stand out with it. If you have the body and the attitude you can also try for a miniskirt or an overall too, depending on  the occasion.

You can also go for real leather –  if you are lucky – great finds await you at vintage or second hand shops.

If we are going for basic pieces – as suggested always – the biker jacket is definitely the best choice. Only watch out for the right style for your body shape as the classic biker jacket style is not for everyone – see how the belt, the shoulder the pockets, the collar fit you before making  a purchase.



 Sheer dresses are really tricky, we might think at first, that they are not for everyday wear. However, we can find many styles that won’t show too much. A sheer sleeved blouse can be totally acceptable even in the office. The more risky pieces we can leave for the nights, parties.




Different denim

Although for those in their 40s or 50s – who remember the era of stonewashed jeans and denim skirts – might take more time to get used to this style again (unless feeling positively nostalgic about it), but we have to get used to these denim pieces back in the stores this year.

The loose, baggy jeans will definitely be a hit for sure, if it fits your body shape, you should definitely get one as one of your essentials.

Maxi skirts in denim (and other fabrics too) is also a great choice, considering our body shape again.

Denim – since it’s usually a blue shade – is easily adaptable to nearly any wardrobe colour tone, so we can really make the most of this direction.

Since the trend is denim „different” – any style will go, we might not even need to buy new stuff, we can check out out old pieces too.




Sleek, Simple, Crip Tailoring

If we want to summarize this trend: its all about classic and elegant lines, sophisticated and quality fabrics. Could it be a palazzo trouser or a chic blazer or an A line dress.




And finally – here comes a colour that keeps coming back every year in differnt shades. Last year was more about strong neon pink (Valentino Pink), this year is does not seem decided yet which shade will be the most dominant. Maybe the Barbie Pink (surpisingly not, a live character Barbie movie is also in the works…) or the Beetroot Pink? And of course we also have this years choosen Pantone colour the Viva Magenta which is pink closer to red.

We share the enthusiasm about pink, so we’ll be watching out for this and we’ll come back with a more in-depth look on this colour soon.




Photos: Getty Images, GIOVANNI GIANNONI/WWD, Vogue.fr


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